October 28, 2007

At Long Last Blog

It's been forever since I've last written, but rather than give a billion excuses why, let me just finish the story I started.

So when Christian Egeskov told me he had the painting and had obviously obtained it completely innocently it put me in a wierd position. I didn't want to get angry about it but I felt like he had to know the circumstances by which he obtained it. I told him the entire Ebay story. This was his some of his reply:

Seeing the painting on the cover of "the date" album I got the idea the he painted a lot, and that the self portrait was just a minor work, not really considered part of the collection, since it was unfinished. That's why I was so thrilled to get it from Ebay. I honestly thought that the family has gotten what they wanted and was just cleaning up the rest.Is the self portrait the only excisting painting that you know of?I feel bad about the whole situation - certainly didn't want to rip off the Raney family - how could I since listen to Jimmy and Doug's music every day.It's a dilemma for me! I could give you the painting back - although it would break my heart too - but then again I lean towards thinking that's the right decision.

I replied to him I wasn't obligating him to take the decision to give it back. That whatever he wanted to do was fine. I just wanted him to know about it that's all.

He then replied with this:

I've decided to contribute to the Jimmy Raney legacy by giving you back the painting. But it might take a little time before a can ship it off. I need to figure out how too package it safely and I haven't much time at the moment since I'm in the process of buying a house and moving.Ultimately it would be best if you were coming to Denmark at some point! Then I could hand it overto you personaly ... and you could also play some concerts with Doug ;-)I would also very much like to help you in anyway I can with your project.

Kind of restores your faith in human beings, doesn't it?

Since then, Christian has sent me several things: other live recordings of Doug and Dad (including the Bradley's bootleg),articles, pictures, a couple of videos.. It goes on and on. We haven't met as yet to exchange the painting, but honestly he has given so much back that.. well what can I say. I feel very lucky I've met someone so honest. He has already contributed a great deal, not to mention photos that truly have helped this blog for example. One of the videos he sent me in digital form I'm pretty sure I have a better copy of in VHS. I will try to send him a better copy translated digitally. I saw a gadget at Circuit City for a decent price that should solve this issue as well as that of my new digital video camera. This video I will probably eventually put up on You tube since I have received numerous requests to post a Jimmy Raney video. There is another University of Louisville clinic done that I want to put up as well.

The photos that Christian sent me are now gracing my wall above my piano. A "Raney shrine" was organized and put together beautifully by wife, Yajaira.

About the book. Well, it got put on hold. Tons of reasons, some good, some lame. Writer's block (there were considerable adds planned by me- some of which you have seen already posted on this blog), inertia, other private issues. My most recent was the fact that I was putting together a new recording with Ed Fuqua and drummer Eliot Zigmund. Still working on the edit and mix.

I can't really say "stay tuned" at this point given my flakey track record. But hopefully between getting the momentum going and the power of RSS I'll be back on this thing.

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