September 12, 2009

Doug Raney vs. Jimmy Raney on Billie's Bounce

For those of you who like to compare Doug to Jimmy, here's your chance to compare them directly on the same tune with these two videos posted on YouTube.

Interestingly, for those who say that Doug plays like Jimmy you would have to admit their approaches - although very similar- have some very noticeable differences in terms of tone and attack, time feel, melodic content and general phrasing style as evidenced by these videos. You'll note along with his signature complex bebop groupings, a Charlie Christian lick creeping into Jimmy's playing, while with Doug you have Parker's original counter line on the head as well as some modern chord comps and a hard bop descending II-V pattern to IV. Regardless, what you will find in both is a melodicism that sticks with you.

I'll leave it to the listener to choose a favorite (if necessary).


Jimmy Raney plays Billie's Bounce

Watch on YouTube

Doug Raney plays Billie's Bounce

Watch on TouTube


Thor Grunewald said...

Jimmy Raney still lives inside me. Since I was a beginner guitarist I would like to perform as those greats guys: Jimmy Raney, Tal Farlow, Joe Cinderella, Joe Puma, and so many others.
Recently, I found an old record called "Gone with the wind" and those old days came back.
Where can I find a sheet music of this one? It has a beautyfully harmony variation G7M/E7/F#M7/GM7...
Thanks in advance for any help.
Best Regards,

Thor Grunewald -

Jon Raney said...


An internet search, "Gone With the Wind", sheet music ...should show you where it's available. Since it's not in public domain the sites that offer such as require payment. Other options such as file sharing, although free do pose issues with security. But given you are a student of the art why don't learn it from a singer's record. For example Frank Sinatra or someone who sings the melody straight. You will internalize it more.

Thor Grunewald said...

Hi, Jon!
Thanks for your answer. I have found "gone with the wind" sheet music at several web sites.
But, I want an exact transcription or single comp chords of "Gone with the wind", composed by Joseph Young and Fred Ahlert, that is another song. The great Jimmy Raney recorded it.
This is the sheet music that I want.
I can play this song, note-by-note, in G, as recorded by Jimmy. And I want the comp chords, just to save my time and to knowing better what the chords variations they used in the record session.
One more time, thanks!
Thor Grunewald

Jon Raney said...


If I understand you correctly it sounds like you are asking for the jazz changes or specifically the ones you heard on the Jimmy Raney version, yes?

I would guess the chart featured in the The New Jazz Real Book Vol1 by Chuck Scher has more accurate jazz changes. It's worth having.

Short of that I would have to re-iterate that if you like the changes on the Raney version that you should sit down with the record and figure it out. Just my opinion.

John Albin said...

Hey Jon,

I just stumbled on your blog and like what you have to say. As to your question here, to tell you the truth, I don't hear a lot of similarity between the two. Their phrasing and articulation on the head is pretty similar, but once they get into the solos, I hear two very different players. Jimmy has that very strong double time feel that players of his generation often have. He sounds almost Joe Pass-like here. On the other hand, you can tell that Doug is influenced by people who came after Jimmy; I hear quite a bit of Wes in his phrasing and approach to arpeggios.

Jon Raney said...

Not sure I hear Joe Pass:) but yeah they're differnent. In particular on blues I think. This comparison is actually gotten a little more time on my forum if you're curious. (click the link on right)

btw you know about reunion this wkd right?

John Albin said...

I just checked out the forum. Good discussion there. Uh, what reunion?

Jon Raney said...

Assuming you're not pulling my leg (with all the facebook notifications several x a day) The Stuy 30th ofcourse.

John Albin said...

Ah, I see. I was class of '80, so I haven't been getting those notices. I just seemed like I was '79 cause I was so mature. Now I just look like I'm 79.