May 18, 2011

Robert Casadesus' Ravel

This will be a short one.

I was exposed to the Robert Casadesus Complete Ravel Piano Works originally by my father, who had the record collection on vinyl. The record is magical and I'm happy to say is available on Rhapsody.

IMO there is no one to this day that can capture the feeling of his rendition of Pavane pour une infante défunte NO ONE. The piece ofcourse is one of Ravel's most famous (making it that much harder). It carries the unique and difficult task of a pulsating background in regimented time but still the feeling and romance in melody typical of (lets say) Chopin. And ofcourse that marvelous 20th century harmony typical of later jazz. The achievement is stunning. Like the exquisite ticking of a beautiful clock or the beating of the waves. But you only realize that when you hear stiff unfeeling or schmalzy versions. The music spoke thru him! Every take captured on this record is the gold standard for the performance of these wonderful compositions.

Definitely a "Desert Island" record. Look it up and Enjoy!



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